Grassroots Community Development Roof Repair Program gets underway

Press Release

Grassroots Community Development is proud to announce a phase V of its highly successful roof repair program to help low income families with repairing their roofs. In the rainy months we receive calls from families with terrible roof problems. This fifth phase of our program hopes to address some of that need. Grassroots Community Development is finishing up the completion of 125 roof repairs for families and is starting a Phase V of these efforts.

The services provided by Grassroots Community Development Corporation are made possible in part through a grant from the City of Waco. The program is free to low-income families that live in the City of Waco. We have enough funds to repair around 15 roofs. We will open up enrollment for the program August 15th with a deadline to accept applications of October 15th. We will begin evaluating homes in October/November, then we will be hiring roofing contractors to complete the roofing projects.

Applications are available at our office or via our Website: or we can email you an application.
For more information about the Roof Repair Program or about Grassroots Community Development call Mike Stone 254-235-7358 Ext 206

About Grassroots Community Development Grassroots Community Development was formed in 2001 and is located at 1624 Colcord Avenue. Our mission is “committed to a brighter future for children, neighbors and communities.”
Grassroots Community Development is committed to a brighter future for children, neighbors and communities. The organization operates with the mindset that cultivating healthy neighborhoods is more than just building attractive and affordable homes. Community members must work alongside each other to create sustainable change. Building intentional and authentic relationships with neighbors is at the heart of what Grassroots does. The team at Grassroots aims to bring neighbors together to work towards community driven change. Children are served through community supported reading clubs at the elementary schools. Neighbors are served through leadership development training classes, and free education and counseling to prepare families to become homeowners. Communities are served through roof and external home repair programs for the disabled and elderly, building new homes and community enhancement projects. Contact the team for how they can help you.

Visit or the Facebook page GrassrootsCommunityDevelopmentWaco to learn more information about Grassroots Community Development.


Press release –

As the Texas summer heat settles in and the index raises to triple digits, The Salvation Army reminds people about their cooling station open in downtown Waco, open to anyone seeking  some salvation from the heat.

The cooling center is conveniently located at 300 Webster Avenue and remains open until 4:30pm, closing only briefly to allow the staff to prepare for dinner service when the center reopens its doors as the Community Kitchen, ready to serve anyone seeking a nourishing meal.  

“The cooling center is open any day the temperature or heat-index reaches 100 degrees or higher, which it is doing pretty consistently” says Jorge Delgado, The Salvation Army Shelter Director.  “Prolonged extreme heat, as is about more than discomfort, it is a public health risk.  Our cooling centers are open to everyone.  Guests can stay for hours, or simply stop-in to cool-off and have a refreshment before continuing with their day” said Delgado. “Our guests run the gamut” he continued, “Some may be homeless or residents living in homes without air conditioning. They may work outside or be one of the passersby strolling through downtown. The dangers of extreme heat can affect anyone, from any walk of life, which is why we welcome all to stop in our center.”

Cooling centers truly do serve the health of the community by providing two things necessary to reduce the risk of heat exposure:

  • Hydration.  It’s especially important for people to drink water before they get thirsty and to continue drinking throughout the day.
  • Cool-down time.  Time spent in air-conditioned environments helps the body cool off and lessens the likelihood of getting overheated.

Refreshments, including water and snacks, have been provided by the community. The Salvation Army is most in need of donations of bottled water or beverages so they may continue serving during these final days of summer. 

This summer heat also serves as a reminder to check on neighbors such as the elderly, shut-ins, or those neighbors living in much older homes with insufficient cooling systems. The Salvation Army has several box fans available free of charge to anyone in need, thanks to a recent Fan Drive with Keith ACE Hardware locations throughout Central Texas. 

Contact The Salvation Army at 254-756-7271 for additional information.

Back to School for College on a Budget? Don’t forget Goodwill!

By Amy Hammerton

August has somehow sneaked up on us again, which means back to school season is in full swing. For college students, going back to school means lots of additional expenses. Between tuition, text books, and housing costs, it’s no secret that college is expensive. With all these costs, it can be hard to find room in your budget for the fun stuff like a new wardrobe for the new semester and cute dorm decor. But don’t worry because there is a solution for all your budget-conscious needs: shop at Goodwill. Thrifting is the best, most sustainable option for updating your wardrobe, decorating your dorm room, and finding just what you need to start off the school year right.

Buying secondhand at Goodwill means you can find stylish (even name brand!) clothes at a tiny fraction of what you would normally pay—perfect for the tight college budget. And Goodwill has something for every occasion. So whether you’re looking for workout gear, an outfit for a night out, or that pair of comfy sweatpants you’re probably going to live in come finals week, Goodwill has got you covered.

You can also find almost everything you need to deck out your dorm or apartment. Need a lamp, end table, desk, or chair? Why not check Goodwill for some of the best deals you’re likely to find anywhere. You can also find wall décor and picture frames perfect for displaying all your favorite college memories. And don’t forget to check the glassware section for storage options for all your desk supplies and knickknacks. Especially if you get a little creative with it, the possibilities are nearly endless.

Not only can you score great finds at even better prices when you shop at Goodwill, you can feel good about doing it. One of the best parts about shopping at Goodwill is that you know exactly where your money is going. Every penny you spend at Goodwill supports their many mission service programs. These programs help empower people through work, creating opportunities for those with disabilities or other disadvantaging conditions to develop the skills and resources they need to find sustainable employment. So when you shop at Goodwill, not only do you know you’re getting good prices, you know that your money is going to support the community—a great deal all around. 

Amy Hammerton is a Baylor University Senior studying English Literature, Journalism and Graphic Design.  This summer, Amy has worked as a Heart of Texas Goodwill Marketing Intern developing social media content, creating brand collateral and promoting the mission of Goodwill through various media outlets.  In her final project, she leans on her own experience as a college student living on a budget.  In this blog series; Goodwill Goes to College, Amy shares how Goodwill can serve as a significant resource for her fellow student body to save money, get organized and be socially responsible keeping unwanted items out of the landfill through donations. 

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